Rental Program

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Banks nowadays won’t loan money to almost anyone unless their credit is spotless.  American Truck Group realizes most of us live in the real world with bills to pay and real credit scores.  Having bad credit undoubtedly makes life difficult when trying to make major purchases that require a loan.  So of course if you have bad credit and want to purchase a commercial heavy duty truck, you’re probably not going to  be able to get approved for financing.  American Truck Group is here to open a door for you.

Our program does not look at your credit rating or report.  We look to your habits as a driver and your likelihood to be successful in our program, then we put you in the truck that meets your style, needs, and wallet.  You also roll out of ATG with a First 7 Days Nationwide Bumper-to-Bumper Protection Plan and a continuing 50/50 4 Year Protection Plan  where we cover half the cost if there are repairs to your truck to be made.*

*These programs are subject to limitations and restrictions

please call 800.539.5006 or CONTACT us online for details


CLEAN START:  You will be approved, no matter your credit rating (we don’t check), past bankruptcy, tax liens, charge-offs, you name it – it cannot hold you back from our Fast & Easy Approval!

NO COSIGNER:  American Truck Group doesn’t try to tangle you up with requiring co-signers.  When you’re approved we put our investor’s money to work for you.

AFFORDABLE PAYMENTS:  Our program sets you up with payments you can afford.  No questions about that.  If you don’t make it out there, neither can we!

SECURITY:  No one can touch your truck: this is your source of income; creditors and others will have to look somewhere else.

LESS TAXES:  You can write-off your rental expenses on your taxes (in whole!) because it qualifies as a business expense.  More of your money working for you.



OPTION TO BUY:  After just one year of good pay history, you can buy the truck for NADA book value – this is adjusted four times a year so when you’re ready to buy, the truck’s sale price is lower and ready for you.

NO LIMITS TO YOU:  As your own Owner Operator, you can lease on to ANY haul company in the continental United States.  We help you open up the road and get you legal to operate anywhere at anytime.  No one can hold you back or pin you down.

OPEN FOR GROWTH:  You can build a fleet with American Truck Group’s program.  Others will say “No, No, No” to expansion units… we look at you differently, with good history and solid haul sources, American Truck Group says “Yes, Yes, Yes”!